become a pod padawan

  1. We give you our 100k pod system for free 
  2. you do 10+ interviews/day for us
  3. you have your face out there
  4. you learn the trade
  5. we retain the pod ownership / branding
  6. you get paid 15% of 1.5k+ if you refer us a client that’s going to close over our podcasting services
  7. you get paid 30% of 1.5k+ if you close a client 
  8. you need to commit for at least 6 months. 

Your Host Charles aka Carlos

Meet a PodFreak

I started podcasting 2 years ago and now have 300+ episodes under my belt. I’ve done over 5k sales calls and podcasting was a natural extension of an upfront conversation. I believe in learning from my guest and quenching my curiosity. Podcasts have generated countless opportunities for me.


I run various pods: 


  • CEO Wisdom Pod
  • Founder Wisdom Pod
  • AI Wisdom Pod 
  • VC Wisdom Pod
  • Mastermind Pod
  • SAAS Pod
  • Agency Pod
  • Even a podcast about podcasts…


CEO & puppy lover

Podcasting’s the new way to do business.

We are the ROI in POD. 

Pod Funnels

  • Get you invited to 5+ podcasts/month
  • Get you in front of 7+ dream prospects/month 
  • Get your videos viewed 10k + times/month
  • Get 100+ new subscribers/month 
  • Get 1 sponsor offers/month