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Scalable Systems

Unconventional hacks to scale your pod for knowledge, community growth and sales.

Monetize podcasting

  1. Get in touch with your dream prospects through podcast
  2. Drive insights worth mills 
  3. Develop an audience that’ll pay for your knowledge
  4. Attract loyal sponsors that’ll fit your brand 

Your Host Charles aka Carlos

Meet a PodFreak

I started podcasting 2 years ago and now have 300+ episodes under my belt. I’ve done over 5k sales calls and podcasting was a natural extension of an upfront conversation. I believe in learning from my guest and quenching my curiosity. Podcasts have generated countless opportunities for me.


I run various pods: 


  • CEO Wisdom Pod
  • Founder Wisdom Pod
  • AI Wisdom Pod 
  • VC Wisdom Pod
  • Mastermind Pod
  • SAAS Pod
  • Agency Pod
  • Even a podcast about podcasts…


CEO & 4x doggy dad

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Podcasting’s the new way to do business.

We are the ROI in POD. 

Pod Funnels

  • Get you invited to 5+ podcasts/month
  • Get you in front of 7+ dream prospects/month 
  • Get your videos viewed 10k + times/month
  • Get 100+ new subscribers/month 
  • Get 1 sponsor offers/month

Our Portfolio of Podcast Companies

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